Three children sponsored by First Congregational Church since 2015
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Letter sent to children on Oct. 12, 2015


The original children of Mercy Touch


Mercy Touch children as of May 5, 2012


Ten new children living on the farm as of 6/20/13: click here


Eight Mercy Touch children are now emerging into adulthood... Five of these have just completed high school November 2013, (Wilson, Patricia, Chimwemwe, Elvis and Austin). Two of them are already in college (Tresford and Thomas) and one, missing in the picture, (Kennah) is working. We are very proud of them. This reassures us that the cause is really worth it. They now have an opportunity to be contributing members of society all because of the support that many of you have given to Mercy Touch. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! (photo from Nov. 22, 2013)


The Orphanage
Mercy Touch is an orphanage in Ndola, Zambia, serving a critical need for 30 children. Founded in 2001 by Rev. Bernard Mukwavi, it provides shelter, food, clothing, education (both Christian and secular) and a loving environment to children who are orphaned or have parents unable to care for them. The orphanage is located in three homes:
• Garment of Praise
• Oil of Joy

• Farm
Each house provides for 8-10 children, a house mother and a manager. Mercy Touch also maintains
• A feeding program for other malnourished children in the area
• A Christian sponsorship program for area children providing for school needs and bible study
• A farming project for growing vegetables to supply the homes

My Opportunity To Help
Here I can make a difference by becoming a part of the growth and education of these children. Is this a "drop in the bucket" in the worldwide need to help children? For sure! So do these children really count? Absolutely! Donated funds go directly to the Mercy Touch account.

Donations of any size are most welcome. If you have a desire to personally sponsor an orphan child at Mercy Touch, the cost is $40/month ($480/year).

   Please make check payable to First Congregational Church ("Mercy Touch" on memo line).
   Mail or bring to First Congregational Church, 62 Colony St., Meriden CT 06451.
   Thank you for your support of this mission. Call the church at 203-235-5704 for any additional information.



  Age: 5 (when he sang this song)
  Height: 40” 
  Weight: 40 lbs
  Grade: preschool

  Elijah loves singing and dancing

“Deep in the Jungle where nobody knows
A big fat woman was washing her clothes.
This is how my story goes!
With a rub, rub here and a rub, rub there (x2)
And  this is how my story goes!

Click to hear Elijah sing
his little song for you

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