Each year promises to be full of new traditions and activities.

I invite you all to come and be a part of a growing program that will be full of love, faith, support, education and fun.

Please contact me to register or to answer any questions.

Youth Christian Education Director

FCC Confirmation & Youth Sunday - May 21, 2017
FCC Christmas Pageant Video - Dec. 24, 2016

Halloween Party - Oct. 15, 2016
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The best gift, to your child, is faith; faith in God, faith in family, faith in themselves. At this time of year there is a lot of planning and preparation for the start of the school year, and there should be.  Amidst all of the hustle and bustle it is also good to remember that faith communities of all types are also getting ready for the enrollment of children.  Just like education, faith formation is a life-long journey best begun early.

At First Congregational Church our faith formation programs for children have evolved.  The Bible will still provide basic foundational truths, but many programs now are experiential and we let the activities instruct, in such places as the kitchen, the playground, the computer lab, the games room, as well as the classic classroom.  There are many residual benefits.

There is positive value development where children can share, compare and test their own belief systems.  New friendships develop and fellowship occurs in caring spirit.  Children will interact with positive adult mentors and role models and ministry is often both given and received.  Children will grow spiritually and stories reveal truth in tested curriculums.  Most programs provide options for service to others; first identifying needs and then responding with compassion.  Often there will be some prayer time and children will learn to talk with God and also learn to listen for His message.  Youth in faith communities are supported and comforted in difficult times.  Most importantly, faith formation will be fun, creating feelings of joy and fulfillment.

It is said that faith is important; not because you can see it, but because you can see so much because of it.  It is that time of year again, for pencils, notebooks, and school. Donít forget faith.  Help your children unwrap the gift.

Bruce A. Miller, Pastor...